1 Ticket


Tickets went on sale on March 7, 2018.

1480 tickets were sold to 277 different people in 41 states and six countries!

The winning ticket was drawn on July 7, 2018 and the winner was notified.

Alec of New York bought the winning ticket (and 5 others) on the very first day the raffle opened.  

The raffle raised more than $26,000 for the good work being done on the Pine Ridge Reservation by Lakota Tiny House Nation as they train Lakota youth and build affordable housing for people in need.

All of us at Froggy Bottom Guitars and at Lakota Tiny House Nation send everyone who participated in this charity raffle our heartfelt thanks. One of you has a remarkable guitar to play, but all of you have helped a community in need. We are deeply grateful for your investment in that work.

To make further contributions:

The Prize:

This DeLuxe Grade F-14 we’ve built for the Lakota Tiny House Nation raffle is unique in both its materials and appointments. The body of the guitar is built with woods that have been repurposed to create a remarkable instrument.

The back and side material is Honduras Mahogany from a tree that was harvested in 1965, legendary in guitar-building circles it is known simply as ‘The Tree.’

Repurposed from a large slab table built from ‘The Tree,’ the back and sides are visually and sonically magnificent examples of what made this tree legendary. They are singularly beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime quality, quilted mahogany. 

Matched in age, the soundboard for the guitar is Douglas Fir, cut from repurposed gym seats taken out of a school in Pennsylvania!

These materials give the guitar a complex and powerful voice. The instrument responds to nuanced finger picking or hard-driving bluegrass with equal ease. It will be equally at home with either light or medium gauge strings, as you prefer.

Like all our DeLuxe Grade guitars, this F-14 features a bound headstock; our #3 fretboard inlays; Paua abalone rosette ring and back seam inlay; and it is bound with heavily-figured bigleaf maple.

The guitar’s crowning appointment is the very last mammoth ivory heelcap engraved by fine artist Petria Mitchell. Petria retired from engraving four years ago and we’ve been saving this last, vibrant piece – a powerful grizzly bear – for a special instrument. In this guitar, it found a home.It has been an honor for us to work with these components of this quality. We have approached them, and offer them to you, with gratitude: great materials to build  a great instrument in service to a great cause.

The Cause:   Lakota Tiny House Nation


Lakota Tiny House Nation was conceived to provide Lakota Youth living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation a meaningful and measurable project that could be taught, transferred, and sustained by the youth and young adults. 

The program provides job training, community building, a tangible, equity-building asset and much needed housing in overcrowded, underserved communities. 

The need for housing  on Pine Ridge underscores a bigger issue of youth depression and suicide. It is a byproduct of the poverty, isolation, overcrowding and exposure to alcoholism, violence and other stressors which come from being an oppressed nation for so many generations.

While MANY Lakota are able to rise above the challenges of living on the Reservation,, many are not.  LTHN was created to provide a tangible skill (building skills) and asset (a home) so that families can extricate themselves from some of the situations that contribute to depression in youth. 

With this, the youth have purpose, meaning and a way to contribute to their families which is a core Lakota value.

Our fiscal partner:  One Spirit